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A construction workforce without strong training is like, A building without a solid foundation

The training is General, not focused on Engineers and Architects, etc..


A COMPLETE Guide on How to Make 6 Figures A Year in the Building Industry Without Having A Building Degree and be Your Own Boss!

Hi! I'm Aycee, a professional architect/ interior designer dedicated to building solid homes within your budget, and I'm here to guide you through the building industry and help you make SIX FIGURES a year, even without a degree!

MAN requires three basic needs to survive: food, clothing, and shelter. Unfortunately, these needs are much more challenging to meet. By fulfilling even one of these needs, you will relieve a lot of pressure on your bank account.

For Whom This Guide Is Intended.

  • Anyone interested in construction!

  • Anyone interested in being their Boss

  • All Genders

  • People Looking for Career Change

  • Anyone looking for a job

  • Anyone who's starting a Family

  • Construction Clients

  • Consultants

  • Contractors

  • Construction Professionals

  • Project Managers

  • All Construction workers (in all fields: authorities, clients, contractors, consultants, designers, etc.)

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    But before going to the solution, we have to look at the problem first.

    It's estimated that,

  • Building owners lose up to 30% of their budget to poor supervision

  • 15% abandoned projects due to lack funds

  • 28% have to redo jobs already done.

  • And that's mainly due to a couple of problems:

  • Lack of proper Project Management

  • Trying to save cost on the wrong aspects. Pennywise, pound foolish

  • Uninformed or poor advice and decision

  • Accountability of workers and artisans

  • Poor craftsmanship

  • The untrained, underpaid, and disrespected supervisors.

  • Time wasted

  • Money lost

  • But I'm here to provide you with a solution, and you can study at your own pace and it is flexible! You get an Authentic Certificate.

    I've made you a step-by-step, hands-on, and efficient guide all about Building Management to free yourself from the hassle and start your own business!

    What This Guide Includes:

  • It is an Online Course with Audio Version and Hand out Version So you can listen to it on the GO, whether on a walk, in the car, and at your leisure time.

  • Technical terms, drawings, symbols, and other visual

  • Project Management 101

  • Hierarchy & relating with other building professionals to reduce conflict on site

  • General building guidelines and where to get the information for your specific locality (building code document).

  • System operating procedure and checklist

  • Market survey guidelines on goods and services them

  • Methodology for carrying out inspections on the site

  • Building Materials and Durability

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    So what are you waiting for? This course is available for absolutely EVERYONE and will enlighten you to be the leader you've always dreamt of being. It will unfold the absolute truth in being an expert in the building construction processes-an eye opener in doing your own construction business that's genuine, authentic, and thorough.

    With this, you can be independent, have your mindset, get a constant passive income flow, and stand out among the crowd.

    Enroll now to take control of your life and take action your dreams!

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    Not to mention, there is no requirement, and you can get your money back within 30 days if you're not satisfied!


    She has about 20 years of Experience in the Building Industry. Has a B.Sc. Architecture from University of Jos, Nigeria & M.Sc. Architecture From University of East London, United Kingdom. Has attended conferences by International Union of Architects (UIA) at Seoul, South Korea. Member of African Union of Architects (AUA) as well as Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA). Also, is a sound, innovative and dynamic Interior Designer. Also, has Certificate from Sustainable Architecture Summit (Ugreen) based in Brazil. She has worked both in London, United Kingdom, as well as Abuja, Kaduna and Lagos, Nigeria; all related to Architecture Design Consultancy. She organized an Online Summit called “Building Industry Entrepreneur Series”, February 2021, which focused on Bad Workmanship in Construction and Renovation Works. The focus was to build Consciousness of what is around us and to realize we don’t have to manage mediocrity, we can do better!